TeleCare™ gave us peace of mind...

TeleCare™ has been our buddy for the past 8 months. It gave us peace of mind when leaving my father alone in the house when we popped out to the shops or went to walk the dogs.  Always a comfort to know help was 30 seconds away.

We did make use of TeleCare™ when my father started hemorrhaging one morning.  My mother, 82, was at home with dad and needed assistance to get him to the hospital.  The ambulance arrived promptly, and the staff were very professional when assisting mom and dad in the crisis; calming them and convincing dad that he did need to go to hospital.

Sadly dad did pass away recently after a long illness.

As discussed, would really appreciate if the TeleCare™ unit can be donated to Hospice.  They are an amazing organisation and this unit really does give the immediate family of a terminally ill person a little more independence, flexibility and peace of mind to leave their loved ones for short periods.

Kind Regards
Mrs. Voges | Cape Town