Providing TeleCare™ to thousands and saving lives in South Africa for over a decade…

Anton de Beer, the Founder and Managing Director of Alert@Home and TeleCare™ Solutions, introduced the concept of TeleCare™ to South Africa in 2006 after the unexpected death of his diabetic mother a year earlier. Anton’s mother had collapsed in her residential home in Bellville, Cape Town and was, as is so often the case, unable to reach the standard panic alarms and devices in her home in order to get the medical assistance which could have ultimately saved her life.

Anton then dedicated 5 years to the investigation of an efficient TeleCare™ technology to bring to South Africa when his mother died although he had at the time, not yet finalised and implemented a solution.

Anton took the decision to resign from his executive management position at one of South Africa’s largest banks, and rather dedicate his life to preventing unnecessary death and injury from happening to other elderly, disabled and vulnerable people.

For over a decade, Anton has devoted every day of his life to bringing TeleCare™ within the reach of South Africans across the economic spectrum, while being directly involved in either managing or overseeing every part of the TeleCare™ Solutions operation.

Today you will find TeleCare™ Solutions in thousands of private homes across South Africa and Namibia, while we are also the preferred provider for many retirement villages and old age homes.

TeleCare™ Solutions has saved thousands of lives in so many ways. From slips and falls to intercepting burglaries, our highly trained team, through our best-in-class TeleCare™ technologies, has been there for each of its clients when they need help the most.

TeleCare™ Solutions can provide you with the support you need no matter who you are, or where you are located.

With a growing range of options that include in-home access to help, as well as help while you are out and about – TeleCare™ Solutions remains the leading provider of premium quality technologies, backed by a personalised, highly efficient service that has remained consistently dependable from day one.

See How We Can Help You!

In under 30-seconds, TeleCare™ Solutions responds to a distress call. Know that with us, your loved ones and employees can get the help they need when they need it!

TeleCare™ Station

Peace-of-mind and Protection for:

Elderly and all people living alone

Independent people with disabilities

Anyone needing instant access to emergency services

TeleCare™ Mobile

Peace-of-mind and Protection for:

Children who need to be left alone for any time

Active people training outside of gym

Anyone during their daily commute

Thank you for the excellent service!

I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent service we have received during our contact with you and will unhesitatingly recommend your service wherever and whenever I can.

Ms B. Seapoint

No elderly person should be without TeleCare™!

I am so grateful for the TeleCare™ System that helped my 86-year-old father when he fell in his flat late at night and could not get up. TeleCare™ contacted me immediately after arranging an ambulance for him and kept me updated the whole time. No elderly person should be without TeleCare™!

Ms F. Roodepoort

Living so far away from Mom - TeleCare™ gives me peace of mind

I live half way across the globe from my 76-year-old Mom, knowing she has TeleCare™ at her finger tips gives me tremendous peace of mind.

Ms. L. New York

TeleCare™ gave us peace of mind...

Thank you TeleCare™ for being an ever present partner – you were there when we needed you.

Mrs. V. Cape Town

We are in safe hands with TeleCare™!

We always feel comforted that, although our medical doctor daughter lives blocks away, we have your TeleCare™ device for when she is busy or away. The immediate responses (when our char inadvertently ‘dusted’ the device rather too enthusiastically or when I accidentally dropped it) always assured us that , even after power outages, we were in safe hands at TeleCare™.

Ms. G. Claremont