No matter where you are in South Africa, stay safe all day and night with TeleCare™ Solutions!

Whether you’re at home, work or on the go – our personal alarms and panic buttons along with our leading technologies and a highly trained team of Care Specialists will connect you to the help you need in under 30-seconds.

Getting Help in an Emergency…

TeleCare™ Station | The CareStation™

  • Press the red panic button on your CareStation™ or waterproof personal alarm (portable response button) within a 100-meter radius from the CareStation™ in and around the home. The trigger can be worn as a pendant around the neck, around the arm, or as a belt clip.
  • A trained Care Specialist will respond in 30-seconds and communicate with you through the CareStation™.
  • Your personal Care Plan is activated at the 24/7 Call Centre and relevant assistance is mobilised / dispatched immediately.
  • We stay connected with you until your emergency is resolved.

Home . Office . School

TeleCare™ Mobile | The CareClip

  • Press the panic button on your CareClip.
  • Your CareClip will send an emergency alert and your exact GPS location to 3 nominated persons that you have chosen for your CareList.If your nominated CareList contacts don’t respond immediately, your emergency alert will be sent to our CareCentre.
  • A trained Care Specialist or your nominated CareList contact will be able to speak to you via the CareClip.
  • The help you need will be mobilised / dispatched immediately. We monitor your distress call until your emergency is resolved.

Anywhere . Anytime

Our TeleCare™ Technologies

TeleCare™ CareStation™

The TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™ is a flat, free standing, ergonomically designed intercom device that can be activated by pressing the red panic button or by pressing your personal alarm/ waterproof portable trigger button.

Features of the CareStation™ include:

  • ISO 2001 approved
  • 36-hour Battery Back-up
  • Fully Portable
  • 100m Radius remote contact with Care Specialists in and around the house
  • 30-50m two-way hands-free voice communication with Care Specialists in the house
  • Records and stores last 500 events
  • Waterproof personal panic button (Care Trigger)
  • Automatic hourly battery test to panic button
  • Secure ICASA approved radio frequency
  • Emergency CarePlan Management

Our TeleCare™ Solutions monitoring centre is staffed by fully trained Care Specialists who are on standby 24/7/365 to provide fast, efficient and caring help for any emergency situation. Your personal Care Plan is instantly accessible to our Care Specialists who will stay in contact with you until your emergency is resolved.

TeleCare™ CareClip

The TeleCare™ Solutions CareClip™ is an SOS Panic Button and personal alarm that is worn by the user. Using an international SIM card, this device can be used by anyone, in any location in South Africa. Get help by pressing the SOS Panic Button.

Features of the CareClip include:

  • GSM module: 900/1800Mhz/850/1900Mhz
  • GPS module: Ublox 7
  • 2G Technology (Standard) 3g and 4g modules available on request
  • Modules: SOS-alarm, Man-down, Fall detection and geofencing
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (for normal use this will take 3 to 5 days, if battery voltage is below 20%, an email message will be sent with a call to place an alarm button in the charger)
  • Dust and water resistance: IP66
  • Safe Quick Release Cord
  • Dimensions: 61 x 44 x 16 mm
  • Weight 35 grams

The CareClip is equipped with an integrated roaming SIM card. This means that the CareClip will always be the connected to the cellular network with the best signal, which makes it possible to set up an alarm message or a voice/listening connection. An annual credit of 300 minutes is included with the device and contract.

When you press your SOS Panic Button, a distress notification and your exact location is sent to the three contact people that you have nominated on your CarePlan. As soon as one of your contacts accepts the alarm, you will be connected by listen and voice. Your other contacts will be notified that the alarm is pending.

If none of your contacts accepts the alarm, you can select to have our TeleCare™ Solutions monitoring centre help you. Our Care Specialists are on standby 24/7/365 to provide fast, efficient and caring help for any emergency situation. Your personal Care Plan is instantly accessible to our Care Specialists who will stay in contact with you until your emergency is resolved.

TeleCare™ CareConnect

The TeleCare™ CareConnect Portal is provided when purchasing the CareClip and is an easy to use web and mobile based app that can be accessed by the user, the users contacts or caregivers and our Care Specialists (if you have opted for this service). Various real-time and historical details are available for the user, caregiver and the Care Specialist team.

This information includes:

  • Device History
  • Current User Location
  • Near-real-time Location
  • Alarm History
  • User Mobility
  • Battery Status
  • Charging History

Features of CareConnect include:

  • Geofencing allowing caregivers to set specific safe boundaries for the user
  • Notifications if geofence is breached
  • Fall protection (man down) alarms which when not responded to by user, will send an alert to caregivers or Care Specialist team
  • Medication reminders and voice messages with user confirmation prompts
  • Email alert in the event of a low battery
  • Dedicated APN, Redundant Data Centre, IMEI Lock, Use Tracking and PIN Access to ensure optimal security.

TeleCare™ CareComplete

Our peripheral devices are designed to provide extra convenience and security to our members.

TeleCare™ FallDetector

Calling for help when you have fallen can often be impossible when your telephone or cellphone is out of reach! Worn on the wrist, the Fall Detector monitors the wearer’s average day-to-day movements. Should the wearer fall or bump themselves too hard, the Fall Detector will recognise this as an irregular movement and will instantly connect with the TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™ in order to alert help. Please note that the alert for help will be cancelled by movement of the arm that is similar to how the wearers movement was detected 10 seconds prior to the fall.

TeleCare™ KeySafe

The KeySafe provides clients with a safe means of storing keys in a location where family, friends and emergency personnel are able to retrieve them during an emergency situation. The KeySafe is robust and tamper-proof and is designed to be opened using a pre-programmed combination code.

  • Secure access to your home
  • You control the combination
  • Easy to install – easy to use
  • Bolted to any wall – in full view or hidden away.
  • Set temporary access for a period

TeleCare™ BuddyBand

A silicone BuddyBand is provided with every CareStation™ that we supply. You may also choose to purchase a premium quality Stainless-Steel BuddyBand.

The BuddyBand is a personal identification system that requires members to wear the armband which contains the emergency telephone number to our Care Centre. Every BuddyBand features a unique serial number which is linked to the wearers personal profile and Care Plan.

In the event of an emergency, anyone can call the number on the wearers BuddyBand and quote the unique serial number to our Care Specialists. We will then alert medical and other emergency services as needed, as well as alert anyone on the wearers personal Care Plan.