TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™ Premium

From R165 - R395 per month

Connected via cellular technology

CareStation™ Rental:

  • R 395 per month
  • R 1,750 once-off startup fee

CareStation™ Purchase

  • R 165 per month
  • R 6 750 device purchase and start-up fee

What’s in the Box?

Startup Package Includes:

  • 1 x TeleCare™ Solutions CareStation™
  • 1 x BuddyBand
  • 1 x Multifunction Emergency Trigger (for the wrist or neck)
  • Installation at your premises
  • Setup of Personal CarePlan
  • Free technical support
  • Monthly Monitoring Service Includes:
  • Personal CarePlan Management
  • 24/7/365 Access to CareTeam for Medical and Emergency Services
  • 24/7/365 Access to CareTeam for Emergency Contact Alerts
  • Response to your distress call within 30-seconds
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Additional information

Product Options

Rental: R395 per month, R1 950 once off start-up fee, Purchase: R165 per month, R6 750 device purchase and start-up fee

Additional proactive monitoring devices can be added:

None, Wireless motion sensors (bathroom and/or kitchen and/or bedroom): R1550 per sensor, Open & close sensor (refrigerator and/or door): R1375 per sensor, The additional monthly fee for the app and web hosting and license fee is R215 per month